An externship in a Burn unit or a Renal transplant med surg floor?

  1. Hello to all. I am a junior at my nursing school and I applied for an externship this summer. I applied for a Burn unit in one hospital and a Renal transplant med surg floor at another hospital. I have until Wednesday to make a decision on which offer to take. I really like the Burn unit but after speaking to one of my professors, she told me that Burn nursing is very specialized and if I hate it, I would have to be stuck on that floor all summer long. She mentioned that as a nursing student, med-surg is something that I could apply to my whole nursing life as a student. She advised me to do med surg and that to later do my Senior year preceptorship in the burn unit if I was still interested. I am really torn and do not know what to do! I was wondering if anyone here would give me some feedback and some advice. Thanks!!!!!
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  3. by   nursemommy1971
    I just graduated and externed on the burn unit at my hospital. I loved it so much I am now a nurse there. Even if you are "stuck there" all summer, it is only for a summer and you will learn soooo much. I say go for the burn.