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Buretrols with meds. in them and running into problem....


If I have a medication in a buretrol and suddenly develop air in the line for whatever reason (enough were I have to clear the entire line of bubbles), how do I do so without letting the med run out of the line? Any practical solution? Any input appreciated. My IV line was running fine for hours and then developed air in the line (bubbles) that were not taken out with the syringe nor by tapping on the filter. Any way to get them out without letting the entire line run into the garbage to let the bubbles out?

The machine says air in line and won't run.

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Inject a syringe of saline at the lowest port while clamping between the port and the site. The saline will backflow up to the buretrol and flush out the air. Then you'll have to add to VTBI the amount of saline you used.