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BSN in the US to Finland?


I was wondering if my BSN degree from the US would transfer to Finland? What are the things I'd have to do. Any info or advice is appreciated.


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How fluent is your written and spoken Finish?

Valitsin kahden ja puolen vuoden kurssit yliopistossa.

loriangel14, RN

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You would likely need to pass whatever nursing exam they have and obtain a work visa. Have you googled it?

They dont have board exams, please find out before you move, met one person in our church who moved from U.S to Finland ( did my BSN in finland, now living in U.S) and she told me she wasnt elligible to work in Finland, so im not sure if she had ADN or BSN... plus languageeeeee... lived in finland for 11 years, though my finnish was ok, its still a CHALLENGE to work there with language barrier.. goodluck, let me know if you still need some infor.. i can give you BON contact or few other people to contact and ask...