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BSN being required in most hospitals?


I am currently taking Biology 100 ( Cell Biology) and in the class we were discussing with our instructor what field we were gong into. Someone said that some hospitals are now requiring their RNs to have a BSN to keep their jobs. The teacher mentioned that this has something to do with rating or level the hospital is at. Like in my area KU Medical Center is highly rated burn center I beleive, and they are supposed to start requiring thier RNS to have BSN starting this year I believe.

Has anyone else heard this?

I have heard of hospitals encouraging employees to get their BSN, but have not heard of them requiring it. Some hospitals pay a portion or all of the tuition for an RN to get a BSN. I've also heard of hospitals "preferring" a BSN for new hires. There are many variables, and a major one is what area of the country you are in.