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Specializes in BLS, ACLS,PALS.

Hello RN friends,

I am confused, I dont know whether I should complete my BSN online and just work as BSN for a while or if i should just get my MSN and still work as a floor nurse, please someone with experience help!!

Thank you

anh06005, MSN, APRN, NP

Specializes in Cardiac, Home Health, Primary Care.

You're an RN now? I think your path should be determined by your ultimate goal.

If you ultimately want to be NP, I say go on for MSN if you can do an RN to MSN.

If you aren't sure but know you want your BSN then just do that.

iPink, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care, Postpartum.

You can do both...finish your BSN program, then do your MSN afterwards. No confusion necessary.


Specializes in BLS, ACLS,PALS.

Thank you everyone,

I am going for my MSN, I do want to be an NP later on, - Neonatal NP.


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