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BSN to FNP Programs Online

by Jamie BSN RN Jamie BSN RN (New) New Nurse

I have been researching online BSN to FNP programs and I’m curious about others experiences with them. I am looking for a completely online program, minus clinicals of course. I would prefer to have help securing clinical placements as well since I see that can be a huge problem for some. I am only interested in legit, accredited schools. Does anyone have any advice for me? 

Thanks in advance! 

izzy_452002, ADN

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I've been searching this as well. My colleague went through Maryville and she really liked it. I think she said it was 23 months. My old supervisor is currently going there, I need to reach out to her and see how she likes it. I live in Kansas and know that a lot of the other nurses have used Fort Hays. I am finishing up my BSN thru FH and I wouldn't recommend that program. 


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I got accepted to TWU FNP program it’s 100% online. You go onsite in your second year for 3-5 days for the health assessment. They also secure you clinical preceptors.