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BSN: Experiences with Belhaven, UMMC, or MC Nursing School?

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Hi, I am searching for first hand or second hand information about these 3 BSN programs in the Jackson, MS area: application process, student experience within the program, acceptance rates, experiences with faculty, schedule, or any information really. I recently got accepted into USM's nursing program, but I had to give my spot up. Family circumstances require me to move to Madison to be closer to my family. I have been researching and beginning the application processes for admission into Belhaven, UMMC, and MC's nursing schools. I was informed that I would definitely have a spot at MC for Fall. Awesome school! The only drawback is the distance from Madison, MS to Clinton, MS for school every day twice a day, and I have to live in Madison. That is why I have been looking into the other two BSN programs in the area. Both Belhaven and UMMC are closer to Madison. I always ACE standardized tests, so I am hoping that will boost the appearance of my applications to Belhaven. My pre-req GPA is probably around a 3.3, but I know the pre-requisites vary a bit school to school. My overall GPA is only a 3.1. I have some volunteer experience with St. Jude, and I am sure I could write a good essay/get good recommendations. What kind of things are these programs looking for in an applicant?

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