BSN to DNP with MSN stop out?

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Does anyone know of non-online programs that offer an MSN stop out on the way to a DNP? I want to go to school in another state but I know in Florida UCF is the only school that does and in Georgia, Georgia Southern does but it's also 95% online too.

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When you say stop out” are you referring to a program that will allow you to obtain an MSN only, and exit the program without completing the DNP? If so, I doubt you are going to find one.

If you only want the MSN, there are MSN programs available as not all schools have converted to DNP.


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I live in Florida and I did the BSN to DNP programwith a masters along the way "stop out" at FAU in Boca Raton, Florida. I got my masters degree and took boards all while doing my doctoral classes. Im graduating with my doctorate this December. There a many more schools here in Florida that offer that option . Good luck.