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Hey everyone,

I start Brown Mackie College in Jan 2014. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I pass the Teas test with the required score (which is 58.7%) . I'm so mad because they didn't except three of my classes from my previous schools, so I have to take them all over again. So, I actually don't start the Nursing program until April. I'm okay with that because I get to get more comfortable with the idea of having one class a month. I'm curious does anyone no their passing rate for the State Board in Florida ?

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I am not sure honey but maybe try calling brown Mackie and try speaking with the representatives. They may know more about the passing rate. Did you try to see if the school or the program was accredited. I wanted to go to brown Mackie in south bend but I think that the last time I spoke with them they may have good passing rates. I don't think you should worry but if you are concerned call the school or go up there it's best to do that before you even start the program . Remember it is a commitment.. congratz


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Did you begin Brown Mackie in Jan? I am looking at them to start this time. What can you tell me about the one course a month?