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Brown Mackie College - Northern Kentucky


I will be attending Brown Mackie College (Northern Kentucky Campus) for Practical Nursing and I start on September 3rd with PN1000 - Introduction to Nursing. I was wondering how difficult the program is at BMC - NKY ...I know nursing school isn't easy by any means because I've attended once before at a different college (Beckfield) and could not keep up with the demand. However, I do know that some private schools make obtaining your diploma for this program easier than others.

Please don't provide me with negative feedback about the college itself or in general. I'd just like to know what I should expect from Brown Mackie - Northern Kentucky for the Practical Nursing program.

Thank you.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

I went to BMC in a different state. It was intense, but as long as you can force yourself to study you should be fine. I wouldn't say it was easier that college elsewhere, as we had plenty people who couldn't keep up and drop out. I have nothing bad to say about BMC. It got me the diploma I wanted without having to spend forever in pre-reqs. I was able to do clinicals in the hospital and LTC so I went everywhere that the State colleges did. It was an experience I will never forget. Good luck to you,.