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Broward College LPN to RN

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I plan on going to Broward college south campus in 2015. I am currently working as a LPN in a 8-hour shift rehab facility. I would like to know from individuals who have been in the program to give me a general idea of the hours and days out of the week that were for school. I need to see if it is at all possible to continue working at least 2-3 day out the week while in program. thanks in advance


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I was also an LPN while I was in the program at north campus. I worked 32-40 hours a week, but I did 16 hours Saturday and 16 hours Sunday. Lecture is 2 days a week (Monday and Friday or Monday and Thursday) and clinicals are 1 day a week (usually Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday), but during the first 2 weeks of class you're usually there all week. Also, you'll have mandatory lab hours to complete whenever you can. If you have good study habits and time management, you can work and complete the program. Good luck. There's a lot of reading involved.

I'm hoping to apply for it too- I'm hoping to take the HESI this week if I feel prepared for it!