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broward college accelerated bsn


Does anyone have information about broward college accelerated bsn program.I heard it's a weekend program.I think it will be great for working student.any of you considering applying?

Kuriin, BSN, RN

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For the questions on "weekend program", I highly suggest you go to their website and looking up information. As a college student, you can't expect to be spoonfed information but need to take the initiative in doing your own research.

I already did. Thanks for posting

I already did. Thanks for posting

What did you find out?

There's a informational session next week for everyone who is interested. I believe its on Tuesday.If you call they will give you the info on that. There's no info online though

Hello, any updates on this program? I am an UM grad looking into the accelerated BSN at BC. I will try to schedule meeting soon (I live far from BC), but I figured that it doesn't hurt to ask here; also, their website does not seem to have a lot of information regarding the AO-BSN.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!