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bridge program

by Robinette92 Robinette92 (New) New Nurse Student

any fast LPN-RN bridge programs ??

Spooky, RN

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Hey, there! My current bridge program in Texas is about a full year from June to May. I'm currently in my third semester. I'm not sure if there are bridge programs faster than that, but you can probably contact local colleges in your area and find out some info. 😊 It'll be good to find out ASAP so you can finish pre-requisite courses, take the TEAS exam (or whichever exam the program may require prior to applying), attend an information session if available, and get all requirements met before applying/deadline date. I applied to my program before January 10, 2020 (deadline) and it seems like forever ago! I was accepted by March and began the program in June. Good luck on your bridge journey! 😀