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Brain Sheets!


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Hi everyone!

I'm starting a new position on an oncology floor, and I'm looking for tips on how other folks organize their "brain sheets" (borrowed this idea from the cardiac nursing section)! Currently mine just includes the basics like admitting dx, relevant history, code status, allergies, med times, etc. I'd like to re-vamp it so that it's more oncology-specific. Let's share our brains and get some good ideas from one another! Thanks to anyone who's willing to share!:specs:


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I haven't worked Onc for awhile, but having a spot for types of chemo recieved, what round of chemo pt is on, and last time it was given is nice.

Good luck on your quest for the perfect brain sheet!:redbeathe


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Have a spot for "family". You get a lot of heavy family dynamics on an onc floor that you don't really see anywhere else.