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Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Marries His Nurse


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"If something good could come out of the Boston Marathon bombing, James Costello and Krista D'Agostino seem to have found it.

Sixteen months after the attack killed three people and injured more than 260, including Costello, he married D'Agostino, the nurse who helped him recover. The couple exchanged vows Saturday at the Hyatt Regency Boston in front of about 160 guests."

This sounds like a happy ending for this Boston Marathon Bombing. Others were not quite so fortunate.

I heard of a nurse the other day who accepted a friend request from a patient on Facebook and got fired. Marrying your patient? How is that ok and accepting a friend request on Facebook worthy of firing? lol. Just struck me as comical and sad...

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I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me says, "Awesome! We all deserve to be happy with someone who has seen us at our worst and still wants to be there". Then there's the part of me that ponders the ethical boundary angle. I don't think it's appropriate for nurses to develop deeply personal relationships with their patients. To me it's no different than a teacher and student. There's an imbalance there that can be harmful to the patient. I also feel that it would be more appropriate if a former patient and nurse bump into each other years later and discover they have romantic feelings for each other. There would be nothing sordid about that.

I worked w a nurse YEARS AGO that married a firefighter whose wife died on our unit and they eventually married…kind of weird. she got new boobs also as I remember and showed everyone lifting up her scrub top. lol. crazy.