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booted from program 3 weeks before graduation.


I need help. I have spent 4 years in college, and in the nursing program, only to be told i was out of the program 3 weeks prior to graduation. The reasons for dismissal are bogus at best, and my precepter knows this, as well as the other professor present. My record show erroneous degratory information about me, and my grades are good, and so is all other things except this professor. At this point i feel she not only is ruining my life, costing me thousands of dollars that will be very hard to repay without a nursing job. I am a single mother with two children, so this was not an easy thing to do. What can i do about this? I am considering a lawyer if i can find one that will do it pro bono. Most everything this professor says is false, with no proof of any of the boggus filings in my record. Need help please. All this just happened today.

Thank you

I'm curious about the exact reasons. It would be easier to give advice on where to go from here with that info.

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You should hire a lawyer. The money would be well worth it. Do it quick!

You will need the services of an attorney. But I can assure you that the attorney will start with the school grievance procedures. So go to your student grievance committee office and find out what the procedure is and begin it immediately along with getting the attorney. Check with the local bar association for an appointment with one of their modest means attorneys.

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Definitely can't give any legal advice here. But, I would be interested in knowing the specifics of these "bogus" reasons for dismissal. I understand your frustration and anger at being kicked out of a program so close to graduation, but many times students cry foul when they've actually done some pretty serious things to muck up their chances at program completion.

If you can prove that you were unfairly removed from the program and you can get your instructors to back you up, you might have a shot. Good luck.

Then your situation should be easy. If there's "no Proof" of the bogus claims placed in your file, just have them removed. But, we're talking allnurses, and nearly all of thime, the "Oh my God, the rug got pulled out from under me" stories that are posted lack information, or the poster isn't being completely honest.

From your post, it sounds like ONE professor that did this to you. If said professor was concerned with whatever "bogus" claims that were placed in your file, she would've HAD to address them with you before writing out these said statements (whatever they may be). You would have then discussed the nature of these claims, and acted on them at that point.

Like I said, there's something about your situation that sounds sketchy because you're leaving out info. or yo just had a personality clash with your instructor and "didn't want to hear it." Instead of crying "whoa is me" now, it sounds like a situation that could've been dealt with accordingly.

It's 3 weeks prior to graduation. Other than obviously heinous accusations about you, if you had any deficiencies that needed to be addressed, those would have shown up early on in your nursing classes/clinicals and would've been dealt with accordingly. For example, an excellent nursing student would not have statements like "needs to change poor attitude" placed in their records three weeks prior to graduation. Doesn't make sense. And if doesn't makke sense, it didn't happen.

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I, like many, suspect that there is more than just "bogus" claims.

Unable to give advice without more details, and honestly, if you truly believe that it is bogus, spring for a lawyer. Discussing here only hurts your case.


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With only three weeks to go I would make a beeline for the advice of a legal professional. The longer you wait and engage in "they said- I say" the less chance you have of salvaging it. The stakes are way too high to mess around and wonder who's fault everything is.


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You DEFINETLY left something out of your posting...nursing programs do not just kick you out three weeks before graduation without a valid reason. It sounds like these "bogus" comments in your record where maybe warnings? An instructor has to have a valid reason to kick a student out and it sounds as if you recieved warnings of being booted and thought to ignore the warning perhaps?

If you feel this deeply about this "injustice" I would file a greavence and also speak to the director of the program. I do not mean to come across harsh, but your posting just does not make any sense to why you were booted so close to graduation.


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With only 3 weeks left in your program ... either this instructor has it in for you ( after being a nurse for 16 years I know this happens) or you almost killed someone. If you didn't kill anyone, 3 weeks is very late to decide that you would not be a good nurse. They had almost 4 years to make that decision and assess your skills. I'd get a lawyer and fast. Go legal aid if you have to. This is your career and your life. If your practice was dangerous, the school is negligent, and was just taking your money in letting you continue to this point before kicking you out. If you have strong clinical skills and good marks you can beat this. Nursing school was/is really tough and personality often counts for more than it should. Good Luck

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Subscribed. Interested to see where this goes.

Wow! What were the bogus claims if you don't mind posting?

I'd get a lawyer as others have recommended.

I'd like to know what the bogus reasons were as well

The lawyer may get her some money but there is no way she will be able to graduate with all her classmates that she has been with for the last few years.

After she sues her school there is no way they will let her back in. If she does get back in her teachers will be on her more than any other student and bounce her out on her first minor in fraction. If she lives in a big enough city that there is another NS in the area that she can finish her last year, the new school will want all her transcripts and will talk to her past instructors who advise them not to accept her based on the bogus reasons as well as the court case. If there is any chance these bogus reasons are real even a little bit I'd suck it up and try to apply at a different school to finish my last year after I was accepted than I would sue the first school


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In the university I attend, individual professors only have jurisdiction over their individual classes. It would not be in their jurisdiction to have students expelled from the university. I would be astounded if a single professor could just up and boot you from the program without a formal grievance process to the program faculty, chair, and board of directors, a process which would require considerable input from all concerned parties, and would certainly be open to appeal.

I suspect there is more to this story.

How can the OP put up a thread asking for advice and literally offer no information for us to go on and not even come back to the thread to respond?

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How can the OP put up a thread asking for advice and literally offer no information for us to go on and not even come back to the thread to respond?

Well, it hasn't even been 24 hours, maybe she will come back. But I am not sure how anyone can help if she does not give any kind of details.

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Sometimes it seems a lot of these types of posts aren't looking for help as much as commiseration and absolution (which usually does not come).