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BON in England

foxyrn23 foxyrn23 (New) New

Can you please help me find the official website for the Board of Nursing in England. I had a hard time searching for it.

What are the licensing requirements in England?

Thanks for the help in advance...:p

It is called the NMC in the UK, that is why you cannot find anything under the BON for them.

But do be aware that they have a hiring freeze in place and you are not going to be able to get licensed there now as well. Any jobs are going to go first to citizens there, then next to those that hold a EU passport. Then to those that have experience in areas that they have a shortage of.

Chances of getting a visa to work there now is next to nil. Would recommend that you take the time to do some reading on this forum to see what it is going on there right now.

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