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Boise State working while in nursing program



I recently got accepted into the LPN-RN nursing program and I was wondering if anyone out there was able to work fulltime in Boise State's Nursing Program. My husband and I just bought a house so we have a lot of financal responsibilities and with the economic situation I don't want to cut my hours. I also don't want to fail the program. Thanks.

I don't attend BSU, but am looking for a good LPN-RN bridge program. Were you accepted to the BSN program? Do you know how many days a week you'll be attending classes/clinicals? I work full-time now, and am hoping to get into a program starting next Fall. I live an hour from Boise though. I'm not sure If I could work full-time while going to school.

Good luck with your decision.

have you considered distance education? like excelsior etc ?

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