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Boise State - DNP

by oregonsurf oregonsurf (New) New

I have been accepted to both Boise State University's DNP program, and Chamberlain's DNP program. The cost is a consideration ($600/credit for BSU versus $750/credit for Chamberlain) as well as time of program (3 years for BSU, 2 for Chamberlain). But, also, I am entirely considering the reputation of each school and the marketing value of post-DNP resume once I begin looking for an educator position at a higher level (graduate level). I currently teach at an ADN school.

My question, is: Which would you consider a better education/degree? Both for quality, and marketing value?

Does anyone have experience with the BSU DNP program? It is a fairly new program (2011) and they have not been accredited as of yet (they are due in fall of 2015), but neither is Chamberlain (most DNP program are still undergoing accreditation, according to what I'm reading).

Thoughts? I am 50/50 with pros/cons of each right now....