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Boise State agacnp reviews?

by PugsNotDrugs PugsNotDrugs (New) New

Hey everyone! I I was looking into the AGACNP program at Boise State, and I requested more info. I found out that this is a new program, and the first class just graduated in december. That makes me nervous, but it seems like it would be a great fit for me. Only 3 people have taken their boards so far, and they all passed...but its 3 people...not exactly a reliable stastic. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions about the program or has heard positive/negatives about it?

Do you feel you recieved a quality education? How prepared do you feel for your boards? Were there online tools such as voice over ppts, online lectures, or something other than reading from a book? How were clinical placements for those who were out of state? What were the on-campus intensives like?