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Boise, ID

Hospice   (147 Views 3 Comments)
by DVorahRN DVorahRN, BSN, RN (New Member) New Member

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Anyone have recommendations about the best (or worst) hospice agencies in the Boise, ID region? Looking to change from hospital nursing, but don’t want to get hooked up with a poor employer. Thanks!

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Welcome to allnurses!!!

Hope a member sees this thread who can offer advice.  

Your hospital Case management/ discharge planning staff may have advice on reputable hospice programs in your area; mos thospice  programs have a hospital liaison that can offer some insight too.

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Kaisu has 2 years experience.

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I certainly did not want to ignore a new poster, but I am in western Arizona.  Not a lot of help for someone looking in Idaho.  I think the previous suggestions are great.  

I always tell job hunters to go to the location and take the "temperature" of the office.  Watch the body language of the people there.  How does it feel?  Can tell a lot by your gut reaction.

Good luck in your search.

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