BOARDS- How long is this going to take?!



I am ready to start my new job but I've been waiting over three weeks since my college has sent my transcripts to the VA Board of Nursing. How much longer is this going to take?! I've alread pushed back my start dates and might have to do it again! Hope my employer understands.

Please help,


suzanne4, RN

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Most states are four to six weeks after receiving the transcripts from your school. Are you sure that the BON has actually received them?


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Our transcripts were sent out June 2nd, and I recieved my ATT last night. So, not quite 2 weeks.

I'm going to end up taking the NCLEX after I start my internship. Ugh, more stress!


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I graduated May 13 and transcripts were sent out that monday the 15th and I got my ATT via E-mail May 22 ... so was quick for me I hope you get your info soon!


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I am in Minnesota and I got mine in about three days.

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