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Blood cultures from Alines?

jabezgal jabezgal (New) New

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Hi all;

Just wanted to throw this out there and see what your brilliant thoughts were.

What is your hospitals practice on drawing blood cultures from an Aline (not necessarily looking at aline for infection source)? Do you use an open or closed system?



we use a closed system. and get anerobe and aerobe cultures if the line is less that 3 days old. If older, then we get an isolator tube.

I work with liver transplatation and lots of immunocompromised pts.

Conrad283, BSN, RN

Specializes in SICU, MICU, CICU, NeuroICU.

We use a closed system.

We only drawn from a line if the line is suspected of being the cause of the infection, otherwise we drawn periph.

We only take BC from brand new art lines. Whats the difference between an open and closed curcuit? We use sets with a three way tap, open or closed?

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