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Bilingual RN

Arizona   (524 Views 2 Comments)
by EveeRN224 EveeRN224 (Member)

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I haven't seen any recent posts about this topic so I though I would post it..

I recently passed the NCLEX and am waiting for position to open up. In the mean time I have been considering becoming fluent in another language (Spanish). I live in AZ and during my clinical's at different hospitals I have ran into quite a few patient's who are Spanish speaking.. Besides the benefits of becoming a bilingual Nurse it has always been a personal goal of mines. My questions is does anyone know of any affordable programs that can teach me? I have looked into Rosetta Stone but, it is a little out of my price range

A little background: besides taking Spanish class during High School I also picked up some Spanish during my job as a Server as well as what I learned from clinical experiences.. I can hold a basic conversation such as how are you? what level would you rate your pain at? etc. but, I am looking for a program that will not just help me with basic conversation but also in the subject of healthcare (such as explaining to them discharge info or answering questions about a procedure)

Thank you

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In AZ it is ILLEGAL for a nurse (or anyone else) to translate for a patient. You have to use a certified translator. It's a huge legal thing....annoying, but in my orientation they had a huge talk about the ins and outs of it all. You can't explain anything to them..even if you are a native Spanish or whatever language other than english speaker.

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