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Best work experience for MSN Ed?

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I have decided that I would like to get an MSN in Education (maybe a PhD too eventually) and someday teach in the classroom at a college or university and teach clinicals (as opposed to in a hospital in a Nurse Educator role.) I am a PICU nurse and have been for 3 years. My questions are 1) when it comes to being hired to teach, what would I teach? In my ASN schooling to get my RN, I don't remember a PICU class per se. I remember Peds and Intensive Care, but not PICU. Tell me if I am wrong. SO my question is, do I need to go back to general Peds ( did almost 2 years of that before PICU) to become competitive for educator positions? Please tell me if I am viewing this whole situation incorrectly. Also, question 2) how long do I need to be clinically working in my specialty to become competitve to teach? I feel like most teachers seem to have 20 plus years bedside before teaching. Is this expected? Are clinical educators (as opposed to the didactic educators) held to that same standard? Thank you for the help.

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