Best school for RN to BSN Program


Hi. I am half way through the RN program at St. Pete College. I am wondering which school is best for RN to BSN. I am stuck between SPC and USF. My long-term goal is to apply for the CRNA program at USF. Would it be best for me to get into USF and become familiar with their way of operating? Will I have a better chance of getting in the the CRNA program if I am already a student there? Also, how hard is it to get in? They only have 50 students at a time and enrollment once a year? At SPC you need at least a 3.9 realistically to get in. I know this is years down the road but I like to have a clear picture of the path set before me so I make wise choices. If anyone has taken there BSN at either SPC or USF I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thank you