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I am an FNP student and will be graduating in Aug 2021. I am currently looking at purchasing a review bundle. I am torn between the Fitzgerald of Hollier bundles at the moment. I would love to hear your opinions on the best review bundles. Please describe your learning style a little as well. This is going to be an expensive purchase and I want to chose the one best for me. Thanks!


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I did both.  Hollier was more common sense and honestly applied more to the exam.  Fitzgerald was full of depth, excellent, but a lucky bit on the exam relative to the extensive info.  The MOST helpful, neither, it was Leik book.  Summarizes and then you get in depth with areas you may be weak.  Do as many questions and read the rationales as you can find.  There is a book of questions, the best investment along with Leik.  

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I second everything favthing says. I did all three- PLUS some. All were useful. I’d recommend buying a used copy of a course from one of the online groups in facebook. That way you can try more than one format and see what works for you. I found the Barkley audio helped give me something to listen to en route to clinicals, even tho I’m not a great visual learner. Hollier was in person, great for the intense focused review days so I had to get through the material. Fitzgerald I did the full online course. I also did Qbank questions- great for practice! And looked at the Leik book for areas I felt weak in. 

I was anxious to be well prepared for practice, even tho I went to a great program and passed AANP FNP boards w flying colors. Remember- you’re studying for more than a test, so learn as much as you can!

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Also agree Hollier is great. I got her CD's so I could listen to them multiple times then sell then when I was done. Hollier is great for larger concepts (antibiotics, HTN management, COPD, etc.).

I also used Leik as this book gets into more detail. I honestly would not have known a few of my exam questions had it not been for this book (like Morton's neuroma). If I remember right it's bullet points so is pretty direct and easy to get through.

I think this combination is pretty great myself. It is tempting to keeping getting more and more books, courses, etc. but try not to do that. Get 2 or 3 reputable sources and KNOW them.

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Katrina Scott

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If you want good study notes for the ANCC and AANP exam please email me.

Thanks, Katrina