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Best online MSN programs

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I currently have a BSN and am considering MSN programs. I would like to enroll in an online program, but I am not really sure where to even start looking. I don't necessarily want to work towards becoming an NP, but am thinking more along the lines of education or informatics. If anyone has any suggestions of quality programs, I would appreciate it.


Western Governors University online. There really is no reason to look elsewhere. Affordable and convenient. It's competency based so no busy work involved. You prove you know the material via project or exam and your done with the class. I'm a third of the way finished with my MSN and I started 2/14 and I work full time and have 2 small kids. I love it.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I'm enrolled in WGU's RN-to-BSN program and have enjoyed the experience. However, in the spirit of full disclosure, not all prospective MSN students will be satisfied with the competency-based pass/fail grading system which results in a maximum 3.0 grade point average.