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Best online Lifespan and Nutrition class?


Does anyone have any recs on good Life Span classes online? Looking for a completely online, accredited course.

Have you checked with your local community college? That's where I took mine.

Human Growth a development CLEP usually covers lifespan requirement can be completed quick and for under $100

For human nutrition look at New Mexico Community college- They have it there for a very cheap price and can finish in winter semester in 3 weeks or you can use straighterline.

good luck!

Thanks! I actually don't know anything about the CLEP exam. Is that something that is accepted universally at ABSN programs? How would I go about taking one?

It is a pass or fail. I checked with 2 ABSN programs and was told it was accepted (It was only accepted for this prereq since u do not get a letter grade). I would recommend calling the school you plan on applying to be sure it is accepted. You can check the below link for directions of how to take the exam. You can either purchase the book directly from them or check with your local library if they have it in stock to borrow.

Get Started With CLEP | CLEP