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Best Online FNP program ( Alaska RN)


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Hello All,

I am wanting to go back to school. I live in Alaska so I dont have but 1 option for in class and that program has a waitlist until 2024. So not wanting to do that. I started UCS last fall and had to stop due to life issues taking over... long story. However now im ready to get back at it and not wanting to spend the 90K for USC. I've heard good and bad about USU...so weighing that option. Im also fine traveling down for campus visits when needed. Just looking for anyone that has some insite.

FullGlass, BSN, MSN, NP

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Many schools are now moving to an online format, including top schools like Johns Hopkins. Research the best NP schools and see if they offer an online option. Frontier is an excellent school that has always been online.