Best Hospitals to Work At?


Hi North Carolina Nurses :)

I'm curious about your experiences, preferences, and general gossip regarding best places to work in NC. Are there hospitals that you feel have a lot to offer? Give them a shout out here, and please let me know what you love about them. I'm starting to consider job searching there and would like some opinions.


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NC is a big state. It depends on what kind of nursing you are looking for. I live in the Raleigh-Durham area and there are 3 level 1 trauma centers. There are small community hospitals further out. I have no idea what the Charlotte area is like to work at and there is also the Wilmington area. (mountains versus beach)


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Sorry - I should have been more specific. Where I am in Maryland, there are, of course many small community hospitals, but there are several large healthcare systems. For instance, there are several hospitals owned/operated by University of Maryland, some operated by a group called Medstar, some by Johns Hopkins, etc etc. I would be most interested in hearing if there is a particular system that people feel treats nurses well, as opposed to one that has a generally poor reputation among area nurses.

Does that help?