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Best hospitals to start at in KCMO area?


I'm a new grad, have my license now, looking for a job in the KCMO area but wondering what hospitals should I try to get into? Any advice on which would be most accommodating to a very green nurse?

Any of the HCA facilities supports new grads. TMC has a RN residency that requires a two-year commitment upon hire. Be prepared to work nights as it's next to impossible to secure a new-grad day position. Good Luck!

KU Med has an excellent nurse residency program also. I worked at Olathe just after graduation and they has excellent education and preceptorship but no residency.

Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill (downtown KC) has an awesome New Grad Nurse residency program. However, you would have had to apply last December for the May 2013 slots.

I was part of this program in 2009 when I was a new grad.