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Best First RN/LVN Job


Hey everyone,

In your experience, what is the best choice to start your RN/LVN career? Big hospital with preceptor and the whole deal or small post acute building? Anything else?

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych. Has 14 years experience.

In my opinion, the best first job is the one that you find interesting, enjoyable, and conducive to your long-term career goals.

Many people advise new grads to start in med/surg for the ultimate foundation in skills and time management. However, if acute care hospital nursing does not interest you, and med/surg invokes extreme loathing and anxiety in you, why start there?

I have been a nurse for 11 years and never worked in an acute care hospital.