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Being an LPN helped you succeed as an RN?

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by TopazLPN TopazLPN, LPN (Member)

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Hello - I am an LPN in LTC, currently enrolled in an ADN program for my RN. I originally took my LPN so that I could get experience in health care with the idea that it would ease the transition into my role as an RN. I've been working as an LPN for a little over 8 months - stressed out and disillusioned!

Are there any other nurses here who started out as LPNs and went to RN? How did being an LPN help you as an RN?

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I was an LPN for 18 yrs before i finally got my ADN. my knowledge and experience were invaluable both in class and in clinical. I was more comfortable with terminology and procedures, and even with relating to patients and therapeutic communication. Meds were easier to remember as I had used many of them in the past....the list goes on . That knowledge, along with the advanced knowledge I recieved as an ADN, also helped me with obtaining my BSN this year!

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