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Being an IEN in Ontario, Canada?

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Hello - I graduated BSN back in 2017 outside of Canada and I have been living here in Ontario for a year now as a permanent resident. I'm trying to get licensed as an RN here but I havent submitted my NNAS because I've read several pages that the CNO requires you to have a license from the country where you completed BSN - this i dont have.

I was not able to do my licensure exam back in my country because my immigrant visa would expire few days after my graduation so I left my country right after the graduation day.

Is there anyone who could confirm if they really require a local license, please? Or if someone have had the same situation, pls share your insights.

I've made several calls to the CNO and CARE but got no direct response with my query. I hope someone could shed a light and possibly give further advise.

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