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Been wondering about this

by Tnewnurse Tnewnurse (New) New

For people that have taken NCLEX do you have a waitlist still? I mean if you do well you shouldn't be going on any long wait (2-4) years for the program right?

The NCLEX is a national licensing exam that one sits for AFTER completing a nursing program recognized the the State Board of Nursing. It is pass/fail and allows for licensure after nursing education is completed.

Are you confusing this with an entry exam for a nursing program?

Sorry I mean entrance exam yes.

Sorry I mean entrance exam yes.

I think you should take a look at the Pre-Nursing Student forum. Lots of people there in the same boat with same questions, ideas to share. Probably pick up a lot of tips.

To answer your original question, though, YES, you can expect to be on whatever wait list the school currently has in place. It's assumed you'd have to have done well on any entrance exams, interviews, applications, essays, etc. If you didn't do well, you can't expect a place on the wait list, period.

Good luck!