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BCIT September 2020

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I am looking to apply to the Sept 2020 intake (trying to meet the pre-reqs at the moment). Does anyone know what the GPA required for the BSN program to gain entry is? Do you have to get all A's in all pre-reqs?

Also, anyone in the BSN program, is there semester breaks? How long are they?


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Hey, I’m also planning to apply for September 2020 and based on the threads from the previous applying students (September 2019) their grades were mostly A+ and maybe with 1 B+ 


They also had pretty strong applications since most already had a degree which apparently gives them more points, and their amount of experiences in health care were pretty crazy. 


The BCIT requirements say a minimum of 73% for secondary grades and 64% for post-secondary grades. I imagine we have to do a lot better than that for the most part which is killing me because my grades are:

A&P: 78% 

Psych: 86%

English: 82% 

Soci: 89% 

Anthro: 91% 

I have 1, 870+ hours of volunteering for mentally challenged clients in the community and 980 teaching children. 

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