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Bayview Vs. Hopkins



I'm wondering for future exit opportunities, do employers look down on Bayview because it is not the Hopkins hospital? I got a great offer from Bayview and Hopkins. I love the culture and nurse manager at Bayview, albeit the lower pay. However, I am hoping to transition out of Maryland in 3-4 years. Will working at Hopkins main hospital give me better exit opportunities than working in Bayview? Thanks!

PocketSize, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency, LTC.

I think they'll care about experience more so than anything. Our hospital is pretty selective with outside hires but if the RN has previous experience, they are more likely to land an interview, no matter the hospital (from what I have seen/been told).

I doubt managers in other states are super familiar with medical systems outside their area (Yes, Hopkins is a well known name).

What's your gut telling you?

Which job has the better culture/manager/benefits for YOU? Where you see yourself fit in more? Can you see yourself working at that hospital for the next 3-4yrs?

Since Bayview is part for JHM system, you can include that in your resume if you wish, or mention it in your interview when you decide to move out of state.