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Baylor's FNP Program and medical missions

Hi, I was curious if anyone is in, or was in, Baylor's FNP program and what they thought about the program there? It seems like a fairly small nursing school and they don't offer too many programs, but I was interested in their focus on medical missions, both local and internationally. On a side note, are there any other NP students out there that would like to pursue medical mission work in their future or are already doing so?

i don't know anything about the school but i had also looked at that when looking at schools. Really it doesn't matter. because you can do RN mission work while in school if you wanted to.

I am going to be a missionary to Germany. I also want to do medical missions to poor underserved countries (i'm thinking east europe or such but am open)

I am waiting and hopefully will get a job at a military base in germany as an FNP to support myself financially, in the meantime I am trying to get a job in the US.

you might want to check out medsend.org

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