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Bay Area job market for new grads


I'm graduating with a BSN next month and hope to move back to the bay area (specifically San Jose/Santa Clara) after I pass the boards. I've been reading the posts on here and it sounds like the job market is still pretty tough for new grads in CA. I'm wondering if there's anyone who found a job within 6 months of graduating? I really don't want to wait a whole year before I find a job.. because by then I'll probably forget a lot of the things I learned in school. What's your experience with the job search timeline if you're currently employed. Any recommendations? Thanks.


Specializes in i can read really good lol.

Ok wondering the same thing I moved to la for school but is love to come back to the bay when I'm done to work I just wonder how the market is because in socal its pretty bad

I'm in the Bay Area, and it seems like there's a lot more opportunities in SoCal than up here. Not great in either, though.

It is next to impossible to find a job as a new grad in the bay area.