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Baxter the therapy dog


Got this one from my boss over where I volunteer. Really nothing I can say about this one, except have your hankies ready.


----- Dave


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oh my gosh! how precious! And as for that music! couldn't have been a more perfect song!

Whispera, MSN, RN

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all I can say is wow! (pass the tissues)

I am a new graduate from the Marion County School of Practical Nursing, waiting to take the NCLEX. When I began this journey, I thought I'd be happy working in a physician's office...but, learning about death and the process of dying and seeing this video, I now know that I WILL continue to RN and will work in hospice! I will be the 'crazy' nurse with her therapy trained dog working at her side! What a blessing that will be!!!

tewdles, RN

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This is a wonderful story. Think about how dedicated that owner is to provide care for a fully dependent pet!


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Just started reading the book last night.Retrieved it from the library.Its a quick read,very interesting.Tells each pts story and how Baxter has touched their lives.Worth the read! Im enjoying it!