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Batch 2009 applying in Saudi


Hi,, i graduated year 2009, so far i only have 2 yrs experience in primary hospital.. i'm planning to apply in saudi but they're all offering work in polyclinic. is there anyone here with the same case?

would it be better to go for it or wait one more year working in the Philippines and apply again?:)


I'm also applying in a polyclinic in saudi. What is your agency? Also a 2009 grad. and I was just interviewed today and the interviewer said that he has already ready visa and he can deployed us within 2 weeks.

hello,, i've been to COUNTRYBEST agency @ Gil Puyat,.. but i'm actually having a second thought of taking this opportunity bec my friends would like to be assigned @ hosp and besides that one of us is a male... so it's either i wait one more year or find friends who'd be willing to go with me..:(

what 'bout you? what agency are you in?

Hi! I want to apply as a nurse for Saudi. How much did they offer you for the salary? And how much is the placement fee. Hope you could help me with this. Thanks!