Basic Seizure Care

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Looking for information and possibly articles on basic, universal seizure care. I need to brush up on latest info.

We had a patient go into her second seizure while in our out-patient clinic. All I could do was take vitals, O2 and lay her on her side.

What assessments, interventions (sans pharmaceuticals) could I have done so I am better prepared for next time?

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Hi there, a couple things come to mind. I haven’t had a lot of Neuro experience but I have seizures myself and I didn’t see any other replies so I figured I would mention them. Pad the railings. Time each seizure from beginning to end. Check to see if patient was incontinent. Hope this helps a little.


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In the ED our standard is to initiate Seizure Precautions (bed rails up and pads placed), blood glucose taken, seizure time and length recorded, VS, verify suction is available, MD notification with med orders if applicable.

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Thank you for your replies. I appreciate the information. 2019 was a pretty rough year. Everyone of my three kids had a similar level (but medically different) problem. 2020 looked to be so promising then.... dun dun da..... COVID-19!



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ABCs, make sure they are ventilating properly, maybe learn how to perform a good jaw thrust/chin lift, not obstructing. You can look up "Larson's Maneuver". Record seizure start time. Brain ischemia can result after a period of time, so meds should be top of the list. Not a ton of experience with seizure care tbh but first things that come to my mind.