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Background check


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I have an arrest record that was in California and it has been sealed by the court. The arrest did not result in charges or a conviction and was only an arrest over 10 years ago. The issue is that it does show up on the FBI background check. I am in nursing school. I have completed a background check from the school which followed the board of nursing recommendations and was a national FBI. My school never said anything and let me attend clinicals. Will this affect me once I finish nursing school in the state of new mexico? Do I need to report this to the board of nursing?

Read the instructions on the license application. If you still have questions, call the Board. Even if licensed, a prospective employer can reject you if something shows up on a background check that is not to their liking, but I would not worry about that until, and unless, it happens. Be ready with explanations and hope for the best. Also keep in mind that the Board considers each application on a case by case basis.


Has 2 years experience.

Do I need to disclose an expunged record if I have run a fbi background check on myself and nothing has shown up?