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Back 2 School !

It's about that time again! Summer is over and class starts in 4 days. I'm excited, because I officially have NINE months left. So close to the finish line, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I'm going into 3rd semester, which is Peds / OB / Maternity.

Anybody with any advice about these classes?


I'm nervous. I've heard nothing but negative things about this semester!



Has 1 years experience.

Your school seems very similar to mine. I just finished third semester and it was over the exact same material. I don't know about your school, but where I go third semester had the reputation of being the "easy" semester. Well, I found out that definitely wasn't the case. The hard part was that the test questions were so subjective. There truly were so many questions that easily could have gone one way or the other. Make sure to check out Quizlet if you haven't already. I noticed a lot of the questions on our exams were pulled from that site.


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