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Back to school in Jan yikes plus working full time..advice?


Starting back to school in a lpn-rn program in jan! I will also be working full time..at least for a while..any advice? My job isn't stressful..i work in a doctors office as a LPN so i'll be going to school after work..any stories or advice will be great!

Hey there,

That's exactly me.. Im currently an LVN and work full time days and will be starting the LVN-RN program in January. Im also very nervous and anxious and i have a thousand questions. Where do live and what school will you be attending?


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I just completed my LPN to RN program while working full-time NOC, I had many lost hours of sleep that is for sure .. it's pretty crazy to get back into student mode after being the nurse for awhile.

Care plans, concept maps, and the whole change of scope was a bit to get used to as well. Brush up on your basic dosage calculations because the critical care ones get a lot longer! I also recommend starting to answer or practice NCLEX-RN questions now.

The easiest part... the delegation questions r/t to CNA and LPN scope... well we already know what we can and can't do.:yes:

Good luck!