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Hello everyone!

Hoping to get a bit of advice. I have not worked nights in 5 years, been working ICU for 3 years on days and until the past year, I have been able to handle the stress of the job because I could come home and unwind. Long story I won't get into....my husband and I are raising our 3 young grands ( ages 9,5, and 2) for the past year. I simply can't deal with the higher stress of day shift and find that nights are for the most part, a bit less hectic, so I am returning to nights. I also find I can rest better in a MUCH less hectic house with the kiddos being at school or daycare. I have a hectic 12 hr hour shift then come home to a chaotic house...after working a couple of volunteer night shifts, I felt RELIEVED and RESTED, hence my decision to go back to nights full time. However, if my memory serves me right, I also remember it was hard to get my body to adjust to nights. I would love to hear any advice or tips on " surviving night shift" from those of you who have been successful at making it work. Thanks in advance!

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