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Azusa Pacific High Desert Two Plus Two Spring 2015


Hello All!!

I've applied to Azusa Pacific's High Desert location and got the call for an interview next week!! YIKES!

Super nervous about the interview process, what they will ask, how many applicants are offered interviews. Etc.

Has anyone interviewed/applied at the High Desert location??

If so, any tips, insight, info???


I recently applied to Azusa Pacific high desert program ! What was your GPA and how long did it take them to contact you for an interview ?


I applied for the Fall 2016 two plus two nursing program and am going in for my interview next week! I was wondering how the interview process is?? Any advice would help a lot!

Hi I been accepted in the 2+2 program can anyone tell me how the program is so far and how much is the total of the tuition? Thanks