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Avoiding weight gain


How do I avoid weight gain in nursing school? I'm already a little overweight, I'm trying to lose a few pounds this summer because I'm a stress eater so I know I will gain weight in nursing school if I do not make some changes. Any ideas on what I can do?

Healthy snacks, adequate sleep, and working out. You can take your notes with you to the gym and kill two birds with one stone. Good luck!


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Try to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snacks in between (think fruit or vegetables). If you can, meal prep. Take a few hours of a day out and cook everything you're going to eat in the upcoming week and freeze them so you're not constantly cooking.

Try to get at least an hour of exercise a day (yoga, bike riding, jogging, gym, whichever). Getting your heart rate up will help.

Make sure you get enough sleep! This is important (and sometimes the hardest part).

Drink a lot of water.

Say no to the donuts in the break room! This is the hardest part, avoiding the free treats and snacks that people bring in to share.