Average Age and Experience

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Just a random question, but what has been the average age and years of experience does the typical CRNA student have?? Not just the minimum.


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My class of 30 has anywhere from 2 years of ICU experience to 10 years. I'd say the vast majority have at least 3 years. It really varies quite a bit. The age goes anywhere from 25-35; there's a student a year ahead of us that's in his 40's.


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I'm in the application process. 6 years ICU 3years level one trauma/surgical, 3years cvicu/general icu and currently 30 years old.


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Thanks guys! I'm a new grad from a second degree program, applying for jobs now and CRNA school does intrigue me. I have shadowed once before but still don't know if thats where I would like to end up. Currently I work in an ER and love it and Ive seen myself going back into the ER. I'm a bit of a micromanager when it comes to my own life and if CRNA school is where I want to go, I wanted to start kind of planning for that ha.